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Detroit: Become Human Review PS4

By J K July 22, 2021

Welcome to another article with us featuring Detroit: Become Human review ps4. Since debuting in 1997, Quantic Dream has been widely known as a developer who has developed several game series with the strongest storylines and consequences. Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are two of their flagship game series that managed to bring the greatest success so far.

In addition to working on a game project, Quantic Dream had released a tech demo called Kara which showed a female android figure with a meaningful background. Although short, many fans wanted to see how this concept could develop into a new story.

In order to make this wish come true, David Cage and his team of developers decided to develop their newest game. Detroit: Become Human review PS4 is the discussion that you must be looking for right now. 

As you can guess, this game is still focused on delivering the storyline and gameplay mechanics. Where you are faced with a myriad of decisions that can change the flow of the storyline. Even from the very beginning of the game. Our team had a taste of what this game is all about. Detroit: Become Human review PS4 will discuss a few things you need to know about this game. Because 

Storyline of Detroit: Become Human Review PS4

this game is one of the best PS4 story games. The storyline in this game takes place in the futuristic city of Detroit in 2039. At this time, humans have succeeded in making a humanoid robot called Android. In addition to having an appearance and organ structure similar to humans, Android has a level of intelligence and is proven to be able to do all kinds of jobs effectively. 

Starting as a robot that helps humans, many companies have started laying off their workforce to replace them with Android which is considered superior. Androids ran the city and this became the main conflict. Due to Detroit being over run by Androids, human beings have to find themselves amongst societies rankings.

This is the time when technological developments begin to become a nightmare for humans who live in this city. Many people take demonstrations on the streets to take discriminatory actions against androids. Scenarios like this are perfectly understandable, but are the androids really to blame? Do they have the right to coexist with humans? Questions like these will start to pop up in your mind after playing the game live.

To present a true portrait of life in this game, the storyline is divided into three paths with different main characters. First, you will act as an android named Connor. He is a detective sent by Cyberlife to handle several cases of an android rebellion that seems to have a human side. The next character is Kara, she plays a housemaid who one day must take her employer's daughter away from her psychopath father. While the last character is Marcus, he plays a nanny for an old artist who he considers his own father.

Chapters in Detroit: Become Human Review PS4

The game of Detroit has a lot of things that you may not expect at all. For starters, we have told you before that players will get a taste of a long gameplay time. In this case, you can enjoy up to 32 chapters. All of these 32 chapters are fun to play. We might even discuss 2-3 chapters in this article today about Detroit: Become Human review PS4. So stick with us to learn more about these tips and tricks to play in Detroit: Become Human.

The Hostage

In today’s article, we have promised you a bit of walk through as well as a quick review about the chapters. These game is made up of different chapters. They are exactly like the ones you would find in a book. The Hostage is a very easy chapter but you also need to understand it before playing this chapter. The Hostage is known to be the first chapter there is. This walk trough of Detroit: Become Human review PS4 should totally help you pass through this game easily.

In this chapter, you get to play this character named as Connor. Connor is an Android and is also playing the main character of this whole game. You will get to see a lot of scenes before jumping into the first game. This is because the cut scene acts as an introduction to any new players. Players can pick up objects.

In this first chapter, your quest is to pick up a fish and put it bank in the tank. This is a test for the Androids and for you to learn some of the controls. You can pick it up using the controls that have been explained earlier in the game.

After doing so, Connor will interact with Emma’s mom. This is another short cut scene that you will get to experience. In this scene, you do not need to do much things. Just follow Emma’s mom and walk through the map. This is a short scene for players that are new to the game. Maybe you do not know how to control or use the control keys such as “WASD”.


Detroit: Become Human review PS4 has explained to you some of the most important scenes. We hope that this article has helped you a bit to learn more about the game. Overall, this game has earned high ratings as well as a very good futuristic scene. However, you might want to check back with the specifications of your gaming equipment. This is because Detroit: Become Human review PS4 itself is a quite heavy game. In a sense where you have to have a lot of space. 

That is all for today’s Detroit: Become Human review PS4. We hope you can get this game at a discount. Check it out in some online stores and have fun with Detroit: Become Human game. See you next time in another article of ours about PS4 game reviews.


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