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The Last of Us Remastered Review PS4

By J K July 23, 2021

Which gamer has never heard of The Last of Us before? This masterpiece that was born from the cold hands of Naughty Dog has indeed managed to achieve extraordinary popularity. Thanks to the quality of the gameplay, story, and charming visuals. There are many versions of this game. In today’s article, we will talk about the The Last of Us Remastered review PS4. You may need an insight regarding this game before buying this best PS4 story games.

The recognition of the ability of the Uncharted developer is even more solid thanks to the dozens of awards that The Last of Us won in 2013. This amazing game even managed to win the Game of the Year title for the media game version. It no longer appears as just a game that asks you to play an active role and have fun, it manages to take you on one of the most emotional and powerful journeys in the history of the gaming industry. And after a long wait, it's now re-released to offer a more optimized experience.

Release of The Last of Us Remastered 

Many gamers are of course surprised by Sony and Naughty Dog's decision to re-release The Last of Us in the form of a Remaster. Which was suspected as a form of seeking more massive sales in an easy way. However, it must be admitted, apart from the re-release which is only 1 year after its release on the previous generation platform. 

The existence of The Last of Us Remastered is released just on time. It was released when Playstation 4 gamers wanted an AAA game that was enough to make the console appear more solid. As well as right for Sony, considering that many gamers who owned Playstation 4 didn't have a Playstation 3 before. It's this power that sells, along with improved visuals and a few new features.

So, what kind of sensation is offered by The Last of Us Remastered? Why do we call it the more perfect version? Well we will get to discuss that further in this The Last of Us Remastered review PS4. 

Behind the Scenes of The Last of Us Remastered Review PS4The Last of Us Remastered review ps4

Naughty Dog released The Last of Us on June 14, 2013. At that time, this series was born when the PlayStation 3 (PS3) was getting ready for a "long break". We can also find the same nuances now that seven years later. The Last of Us Part 2 Sequel is present in the twilight of the PS4 console before PS5 arrives in the 2021 holiday season.

Like a farewell gift for PS4, of course many things were prepared by the team from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog (ND) for this sequel. In his notes and remarks, Neil Druckmann as Vice President of ND and the author of this game said that releasing this sequel was a risk because many people liked the first release.

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Improvements Made in The Latest Game

The Last of Us Remastered Review PS4

The increase in resolution to 1080p and games running at 60fps is a brilliant update. They are able to deliver a high quality game. But what we look forward to, of course, is not just these two elements, but the ability of Naughty Dog to present a more perfect layer of high-definition textures. The result is also satisfactory. You will meet characters who now show much better and clearer details. You are now starting to notice some details that you might not have seen before in the PS3 version. 

Such as how old Joel is with all the wrinkles that are now clearly visible on his forehead. Unfortunately, the environmental graphics are not as significantly improved as the character model. The environment you encounter now does look clearer, but more because of the increased resolution. You still find lots of low resolution textures in some places.

Speculations on The Last of Us Remastered

There is a strong impression that The Last of Us Remastered review PS4 is an actual The Last of Us game. A visual quality and framerate that has been Naughty Dog's vision since it was first planned after the Uncharted 3 project. tasted one of the best games in the last decade with much better visual quality and stunning. The Last of Us Remastered is a much more perfect package. 

It now contains not only identity as one of the survival horror games with the best gameplay and story, but also with appropriate visualization quality to represent the power of the latest generation platform. Something that has been so well built, now appears much more perfect. Moreover, you now also have the opportunity to capture every epic moment with the offered Photo Mode.

Those of you who have read our reviews in the past, of course, have understood how much we complain about the behavior of the enemy AI. Which seems unable to see the main character's AI like Tess or Ellie. The problem is that the NPC or non playable character acts oddly than any other games.

Bugs in Last of Us Remastered Review PS4

The same problem apparently also occurs in this Remastered version, with the exact conditions in the previous PS3 version. This indicates that Naughty Dog has not made any changes in terms of gameplay and AI, apart from adapting some new control mechanisms. We also had a chance to find a bug that showed Ellie's character unable to move down the stairs.

Last of Us Remastered Review PS4 Conclusion

For those who have never tasted it, this is certainly a chance to enjoy one of the best games the gaming industry has ever seen. While for those of you who have tasted it, this is the "real" The Last of Us, a series of The Last of Us that is no longer limited by weak hardware capabilities. All of these features and visual enhancements are something worth taking back, not just as a collectible, but as your second emotional journey through the story between Joel and Ellie.



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So, are you interested in buying the new Last of Us game? Let us know, because this game is actually good. The Last of Us Remastered has high ratings all over the internet.

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