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Complete God of War Review PS4

By J K July 22, 2021

God of war has been a very outstanding franchise. This franchise has been loved by hundreds at the beginning. But then it quickly gained popularity once the game was released on steam and one of the best PS4 story games. Of course people had to buy it because it was affordable at the time and the concept of the game itself is very unique.

The developer has gained a huge success since its release on 2005. Today we're going to give you a short review on God of war. Maybe you want to buy and you're still thinking about whether or not you should buy God of war. This article will answer questions for all of you regarding the God of war gameplay. 

For starters and God of war is a game of hack and slash. This means that you're going to be an open world situation. An open world situation is basically when you get to play a character. This character can be customized but not all of it. And you will be playing as the main character named as kratos. Kratosis the main character and he is a demigod. 

The whole game itself is situated in Old ancient Greek. That is why you're going to be looking at a lot of Greek mythology as well as story lines. So these storylines will be totally based off of degree myths. This of course took the attention of thousands and millions of gamers all around the world.

God of War (PlayStation 4) Story Plot

Once again, the God of War game is a continuation of the previous game series. For those of you who have played the predecessor game series, you certainly won't be confused about the plot of the story. The main character of this game is Kratos who was once known as the god of war from Greece. Kratos is trying to start a new life and forget the past. Now he plays the father of Atreus, and this will be discussed more in our God of War review PS4.

The story begins with Kratos who is preparing for the funeral of his wife, who is none other than his mother Atreus. Before he died, his wife ordered that his ashes be scattered on the highest peak of the nine worlds, namely the Norse. Knowing that the journey to the top of the Norse will be tough, Kratos must prepare his son to be ready for every challenge. Along the way to the Norse, they will meet many monsters and gods from the Nordic world. Preparations to train Atreus must be accelerated because Kratos realizes that he doesn't have much time left.

Brief Explanation of God of War Review PS4

God of War review PS4 will explain a brief thing or two about the gameplay. To keep it simple, this game is a roam single player or even multiplayer game. If you want to play solo, all you need to do is to jump into the story mode. The gameplay itself offers you up to over 40 hours of game time. So this should be more than enough for anyone who wants a long term game to grind on.

God of War Gameplay

Different from its previous games, the God of War game for PS4 now comes with more attractive gameplay. The hand and slash method that used to be used is now enriched with the ability to parry, dodge, and counter attacks. Kratos is now armed with a new weapon, the Levianthan Ax and a shield. Combat is presented more to close combat where the risk of getting damage is higher.

Timing is one of the important points in playing this game. If you want to finish off the enemy quickly, your attack pattern must be well coordinated. The viewing angle given is only limited to 180 degrees, enough to make it difficult for you to dispel enemies from many directions. Then the role of Atreus as a supporting character is quite helpful. Improved AI engine in the game makes Atreus more or less help to defeat enemies quickly.

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Weaponry You Can Try in God of War

Switching back to weapons, the Levianthan Axe here acts as a multifunctional weapon. Besides being a weapon, this ax can also be used to complete missions, such as opening doors by throwing them on pulleys. There is also a Runic Attack option that can strengthen Kratos' fighting ability. Runic Attacks have different effects, such as dealing special damage or stun enemies at the same time.

Characters of Choice in God of War

God of War PS4 review will explain and go into detail with the characters. This game is an action and fast paced genre game with a thick RPG taste. In this game you are asked to collect various resources to strengthen armor and weapons. There are also side quests with bonus items and EXP. You can use these EXP points to increase the Levianthan Ax's power, shield, and Spartan Rage abilities. Besides Kratos, there are other character you can play is Atreus. In which you would instead play as an archer. This can be very fun if you are bored with the normal hack and slash gameplay that God of War offers. 


God of War from Santa Monica Studio offers a more interesting and varied gameplay. The game story that is presented also feels so solid. The depiction of the character of Kratos that was previously frightening has now turned 180 degrees into a father who is full of love for his family. 

The combination of detailed visuals and slick music adds to the excitement of this game. Unfortunately there are still some shortcomings that are quite pronounced. The first is the enemy which is less varied and tends to be static. We highly recommend you to play God of War. Our God of War review PS4 concludes to you that this game is a must buy. As shown from this complete review that we are providing you with.


Next we will talk about some of the details of the game. This is important for you to know before you buy the game.


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