The Technomancer PS4

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The Technomancer

Platform  Playstation 4
Region  Australia
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
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 Fully Compatible with Australia  PSN Account

Rating  R18+
Condition  Brand New


Set in the Sci-Fi world of Mars during the War of Water, a young aspiring Technomancer just learnt the dark secret behind The Technomancers past, and is now on the run from the Abundance Corporation spy and surveillance force called the ASC.

Technomancers are age-warriors, who harness, thanks to an innate talent destructive electrical-based powers amplified by their cybernetic implants. You are one of them, about to be initiated into a fully-fledged Technomancera

One the run from the Secret Police on the Red Planet, you must undertake a quest that takes you through forgotten paradises, cities lost under ice and dystopian shanties sprawled across Mars’ dusty landscape.

  • An adventure set on the sands and terraformed tropics of a post-apocalyptic Red Planet
  • In depth crafting which changes the appearance of weapons and armour
  • 3 combat styles and character customisation
  • Unleash powerful Technomancy magic on your foes
  • A world that reacts to your decisions
  • Relationships with companions that open new pathways and quests




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