Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII PS4

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

Platform  Playstation 4
Region  Australia Compatible UK
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
DLC Requirement

 Fully Compatible with Australia PSN Account

Rating  PG
Condition  Brand New


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII focuses on the heroes of the “Three Kingdoms Period” of Chinese history, allowing the player to experience the stories of these heroes through strategic planning, battles, and more. The player must choose to either join forces or do battle with a host of ingenious tacticians and unrivalled warriors. As one of the heroes in the ‘Romance of The Three Kingdoms’ saga, the player can write their own story. 

  • A fresh take on the human drama with the “All Warlords” system - The player can choose from more warlords than ever with the “All Warlords” system, and advance as they please through the “Three Kingdoms” saga.
  • The spectacle of massive battles playing out on a magnificent scale - Command your troops and watch as the battle unfolds on a massive scale and rendered in beautiful 3D graphics.
  • The dynamism of the “Three Kingdoms” story set on the vast continent of China - More regions and cities than ever before, with unbelievable visuals and full 3D maps



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