Paper Mario Color Splash Wii U

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Paper Mario Color Splash 

Platform  Wii U
Region  Australia Compatible UK
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
DLC Requirement  Fully Compatible with Australia Nintendo Account
Rating  G
Condition  Brand New


  • A new adventure for a classic 2D hero
  • New Battle Card system for summoning objects and allies
  • Solve puzzles by using the new Paint Hammer or the new Cutout feature

A Colourful mystery is afoot on Prism Island

A mystery is afoot on Prism Island-and only Paper Mario can solve it by restoring the island's vanishing colors with his new Paint Hammer and the powerful battle cards up his sleeve. these fresh layers of strategy, along with the hilarious action adventure gameplay the mario series is known for, make this one of the most colourful Paper Mario Action-adventure games ever.


  • A hilarious action-adventure game set on mysterious Prism Island.
  • The Paint Hammer lets Mario restore the drained color of Prism Island
    • Color in colorless spots to solve puzzles and search for clues.
    • Revive Toads who have been drained of their color.
  • New Battle Card system
    • Cleverly use Battle Cards during puzzling battles to defeat enemies.
    • Summon objects with Things cards.
    • Use Enemy cards to summon allies.
  • The new cutout feature allows you to extract areas from environments to overcome obstacles whenever possible.




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