Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence PS4

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Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence

Platform  Playstation 4
Region  Australia Compatible UK
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
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 Fully Compatible with Australia PSN Account

Rating  PG
Condition  Brand New


Nobunaga’s Ambition is one of the longest running franchises for Koei Tecmo(celebrating its 30th anniversary). It is an extremely intricate and detailed strategy game.

It is the first time that this popular, successful, and well known title in Japan will be released in Australia and 'Sphere of Influence" is the latest of the titles and it has been hailed as one of the best the series has ever delivered.

Nobunaga’s Ambition can be divided into 3 key gameplay mechanics:

Creation, Diplomacy, and War.

  • Creation
    you are called to create your kingdom (or Fief), deal with everyday issues, build up farms, roads,trading agreements, gather crops, etc.
  • Diplomacy
    you must create alliances, send out spies togather information, try to gain the loyalty of your troops and the trust of your liege lord and grow your clan via marriage, oaths of allegiance and treaties.
  • War
    you must train your troops, level up your officers according to your needs, fortify your defences, strategically position your armies and attack (or defend) to further your goals and grow your empire.
  • Estimated play time for one completed play-through is roughly 300 hours.
  • Scenario mode will contain 20 scenarios (around 10-15 hours to complete each of them).
  • There are 630 quests available. Successfully completed quests will trigger historically accurate events.
  • Over 1800 historical characters from the period appear in the game. With photo realistic visuals.
  • Alternative ‘What-if’ scenarios provide more diversity and freedom to the player.
  • Gameplay implementing both turn-based and real-time systems.
  • Discover the rich history behind one of the most famous eras of Japan’s past; the age of the Samurai.




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