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Platform  Xbox  One
Region  Australia Compatible UK
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
DLC Requirement

 Fully Compatible with Australia Xbox Live Account

Rating  G
Condition  Brand New


It's a brand new start!

MXGP PRO is the result of the community feedback who requests an even more realistic and simulative game to relive the real spirit of motorcross. All the knowledge from past titles comes to life in the new refined gameplay, with a focus on:

Riders' Movements

Riders' movements are more fluid and reactions are strongly affected by the impact of the bike on different terrains.

Physics Design

More levels of physics simulation to race without any limitation with a reworked system of grip, collisions and air behaviours.

Bike Setup

Usage of parameters based on real values and mterics for better control of the bike.

Compound and Training

The player will learn how to approach the pro physics techniques into a training area with new challenges for an even more complete gameplay experience.

Training Game Mode

The training game mode includes 6 different activities:

  • Air Control
  • Cornering
  • Scrub
  • Wet
  • Starting
  • Braking precision


A new career and a professional approach:

  • Extreme Career - All settings are locked at the pro level. It's more rewarding on credits and special components.
  • Standard Career - The player can freely change the race options and face the competition step by step.

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