Helldivers SuperEarth Ultimate Edition PS4

GD Games Australia


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Platform  Playstation 4
Region  Australia Compatible UK
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
DLC Requirement

 Fully Compatible with Australia PSN Account

Rating  M
Condition  Brand New


Strap into your Hellpod and get ready to face mankind’s ultimate enemies on their own turf in this high-octane, top-down shooter. Land on hostile alien worlds with a squad of up to four players and unleash your chosen combination of advanced weapons, air support and heavy-duty vehicles. Complete your objectives, evacuate before the enemy has time to react and then see how your success – or failure – impacts the intergalactic war effort.

The Ultimate edition includes full game (inc. cross-buy downloads), Turning Up the Heat & Masters of the Galaxy expansion packs, all available DLC packs and an exclusive Ultimate Edition Weapons Pack.


Masters of the Galaxy includes:

  • New trophies
  • New Bug “Hive Lord” Enemy Master
  • New Cyborg “Siege Mech” Enemy Master
  • New Illuminate “Great Eye” Enemy Master

Turning Up The Heat is a free content update which features:

  • Increased rank cap from 25 to 27
  • New trophies
  • New environment: Volcanic planets, full of dangers.
  • New Bug enemy: The Bug Impaler.
  • New Cyborg enemy: The Cyborg Hound.
  • New Illuminate enemy: The Illuminate Obelisk.
  • Three new objective types: Repair and Fire Artillery, Disarm Unexploded Ordnance, and Geological Survey.
  • New customization outfit: The Volcanic Camouflage set.
  • New perk: Strong Arm, allowing you to throw further.



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