Fast & Furious Showdown Xbox 360

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Platform  Xbox 360
Region  Australia Compatible UK
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
DLC Requirement

 Fully Compatible with Australia Xbox Live Account

Rating  M
Condition  Brand New


High Octane Action!

That delivers the definitive Fast & Furious experience of racing, heists & Teamwork!

Team Action Racing:

In Fast and Furious nature, it’s all about the crew. Every mission is played cooperatively, either with a friend or A.I. 

Adrenaline-packed Storyline:

Heists, hijacks and shootouts combine in a storyline that ties events from Fast 5 and earlier movies to the upcoming Fast 6 movie.

Choose the Experience:

Play through the story taking on various roles, and switch it up as you please. Take on skill-based high scoring challenges on your own or cooperatively with a buddy, and compare your results against your friends list. 

Complete 31 missions through 8 chapters in 8 locations around the world.

Missions are comprised of one or more objectives. Objectives include:

  1. Get to Location – get to a target location as quickly as possible
  2. Transport – transport a person, vehicle or item to a target location
  3. Win Race - win a street race by finishing in 1st place
  4. Catch Vehicle – catch up with an escaping vehicle
  5. Survive Pursuit – survive a police or gang pursuit
  6. Protect Vehicle – protect a target vehicle from being destroyed
  7. Enter Vehicle – get your character inside the back of a moving vehicle
  8. Wreck Objectives/vehicles – wreck target objects or vehicles
  9. Avoid Detection – travel past security cameras at high speed
  10. Rescue Teammate – rescue a teammate in distress
  11. Hijack Vehicle – hijack a target car
  12. Steal Cargo – steal cargo from a moving vehicle




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