Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition PS4

GD Games Australia


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Platform  Playstation 4
Region  Australia
Compatibility  Fully Compatible with Australia console
DLC Requirement

 Fully Compatible with Australia  PSN Account

Rating  MA15+
Condition  Brand New


Divinity Original Sin has received a console makeover with a new intuitive user-interface and dynamic split-screen multiplayer mode.

As well as a plethora of new contents, quests, combat-styles, locations, and changes to the crafting system and story situations further expanding the world of Rivellon.

  • Hours of new quests and story content with all new environments, visuals, gameplay tweaks, fully voiced dialogues and more.
  • Become part of a reactive, living and open world. Explore diverse environments, fight monsters and find tons of desirable items.
  • Play in co-op multiplayer online or via local split-screen. Shape your experience with a friend to influence the game.
  • Classless system lets you model your character any way you want. Endless item interaction and combinations takes customization to a new level of freedom




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